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Diverse Learning Environments



From cooing and rolling to babbling and crawling, to taking their first steps and saying their first words, babies are experiencing the most rapid period of brain development that humans undergo in their entire life. It is an exciting time as we see these tiny people grow.


In the Joey's room, your child will build a secure and trusting relationship with their educator. We provide a calm and stable environment so that your child will come to kindy each day feeling comfortable and confident to explore, test and try using all their senses.

Educators work closely with parents to ensure consistency, routine and support.

This room caters for infants aged from 6 months to 2 years


As babies turn into toddlers they are beginning to assert themselves and show their independence. Toddlers are curious, adventurous and their enthusiasm is infectious.

This age group experiences an explosion of vocabulary and they are capable of sustaining more time focused at one activity. Through singing, moving, stories, art and play our educators find opportunities for your child to practice their self help skills, build strength in their small and large muscle groups, recognise feelings and we encourage their sense of belonging and identity.

Wombats love to be little helpers and they are constantly practicing their new skills. We praise them for their attempts, as it's the journey not the destination that is truly important.

This room caters for toddlers aged 2 to 3 years old



Toddlers quickly become young preschoolers who are full of questions and a drive to know everything!


Everywhere we look there is something to be discovered. With a strong foundation set in the nursery and toddler rooms, our early preschoolers continue to expand their knowledge through play. Patterns, puzzles, cause and effect, negotiating  and problem solving are the building blocks for understanding numeracy, literacy and science.

This age group are discovering more and more about themselves, their friends and their community as their experience of the world expands. Through dramatic play their imagination runs wild and our children are free to express themselves, their creativity and practice social interactions and build meaningful friendships.

This room caters for preschool children from 3 to 4.5 years old


Just like that our children transform into independent, mature and capable preschoolers. They are bursting with creativity and imagination, and they have the vocabulary to express their stories, passions and feelings. This age group are becoming increasingly engaged in their learning and love to spend in-depth time exploring their big ideas.

We continue to provide a play based approach to learning and our educators offer intentional experiences for your child to freely explore their interests. In the Possums room children learn through music, movement, yoga, art and craft, games, imaginative play, circle time, storytelling, show and tell and Spanish class. We spend our days working together on projects, asking questions, listening and having involved conversations. We investigate and use our critical thinking to solve problems. We are building our memory retention and learning about measurements, estimations and symbol recognition which are the foundation to early reading, writing and numeracy learning.

Through meaningful social interactions we nurture the social and emotional development of your child. We will build your child's  confidence, independence, and resilience, and foster their sense of identity and belonging. We believe these are important attributes to forming valuable relationships throughout their life.

This room caters for preschool children aged 4 years to school aged



Under the shade of mature gum trees, our playground has large spaces for free movement, active stimulating areas for engaging play, and quiet spaces for discovery and reflection.

We value our outdoor space as an important learning environment where children are encouraged to develop an understanding for sustainability and care for nature and all it's inhabitants. We have designed our landscape with all non-toxic plant species that provide a variety of interesting smells and textures. 

Our playground features an open soft-fall space for changeable equipment, a swing set, balance beams, large sandpit, tee-pee, boat and creek area, music and texture walls, cycle way, slide, hidden paths, a fairy forest and several garden beds for children to plant seeds and watch flowers and vegetables grow.

Our playground is full of life and is ready to be explored!

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