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Program and Inclusions

Play Learn Grow



In the first years of life, children learn through everything they see, touch, taste, smell and hear. They love to explore, experiment, test and try over and over again.


Through play-based learning your child will be actively engaged in stimulating experiences that encourage them to discover themselves and the world around them. We aim to foster a curiosity for learning that they will take through to adulthood.

Our highly-qualified team of educators provide a balance of child lead learning and intentional teaching experiences that will support your child to develop their fine and gross motor physical skills, their cognitive ability, their language and communication and importantly, your child’s social and emotional development.

At the heart of our program is the understanding that all children are unique and have their own individual interests, preferences and abilities. We encourage a collaborative partnership with your family to develop a tailored approach for your child.


We believe that providing a variety of nutritious meals each day will support the growth and development of young bodies and minds.

We provide four meals a day that are prepared fresh on the premises by our qualified cook in a commercial grade kitchen.


Our menu is planned over a rotating five-week cycle so that all children receive a variety of food, tastes, aromas and textures across all days of attendance. Our menu is changed seasonally to take advantage of fresh seasonal produce from our local grocer.

Our menu and recipes have been selected using guidance from ‘Munch and Move NSW’.

We provide a tailored infant menu for babies, and we are able to cater for children with food restrictions.

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See your child grow each day through our secure online platform.

We provide a daily photo journal, document your child's  development and you can access our monthly newsletter and centre updates. 

Happy Feet

Play, move, dance, sing and learn

every Tuesday with Happy Feet.

This aerobic movement class promotes physical development and rhythm, stimulates imagination and creativity, and builds confidence.


(at additional cost)


A world of experience awaits us through our incursion program.


Your child can get up close to farm animals, reptiles, hatching eggs, or participate in dance, story, magic, music and cultural experiences.


(Three incursions per year at no extra cost)


We are proud to be part of a supportive and diverse community.


We host frequent events,

cultural celebrations, weekend social gatherings and encourage families to share their interests, skills and culture.

  • Do you offer an orientation?
    Yes! We understand that starting child care can be an emotional time for families, and we are here to support you through every step! Every child is different, some separate quickly with ease, while others need more time. We provide a free orientation morning so that you and your child can become familiar with the environment, their teacher and peers. This is a great time to ask questions and to share information about your child. If your child needs more time to settle, we are happy to provide famiies with several visits as well as multiple orientations if required. We can also provide tips to help make the transition easier and support your family.
  • How do I join the waitlist?
    If you would like to place your child on our waitlist, we require a $50 refundable deposit. If you are offered a place, your deposit will be credited to your first fee payment after starting at the centre. If you are not offered a place and notify us that you wish to be removed from the waitlist, please email us and we will happily supply a refund.
  • Do we have to pay a bond or admin fee?
    No bond and no admin or joining fees! Once you've completed your enrolment paperwork and paid two weeks fees in advance, your enrolment is secure.
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